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Title Osmolality control by inhalation or microinfusions?
Author G. Ciofani, A. Landi, D. Mazzei,A. Mazzoldi,
Journal WIT Transactions on Biomedicine and Health
Year 2005
Title Physiological Cybernetics:Model of Osmolality and Volemia
Author G.Ciofani, A.Landi,D.Mazzei,A.Mazzoldi
Journal 44th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and European Control Conference
Year 2005

Title Osmolality Control: Two Different Approaches for
Author G.Ciofani, A.Landi, D. Mazzei, A. Mazzoldi
Journal Dipartimento di Sistemi Elettrici e Automazione
Year 2005
Title Realisation of a concentration gradients cell chamber to study their effect of biomolecules on the cell activity
Author D. Mazzei, F. Vozzi, G. Vozzi, A. Ahluwalia
Journal 4Th Annual Meeting of the European Tissue Engineering Society (ETES)
Year 2005

Title Verification of Fitts’ law in microgravity and hypergravity environments
Author G.Ciofani, V.Lombardo, D.Mazzei, A.Migliore, M.C. Carrozza, P.Dario, S.Micera
Journal under revision
Year 2006
Title μTNetOS: Operating System generation for micro-controllers
Author Antonio Cisternino, Federico Cicchi, Daniele Mazzei
Journal Under Submission
Year 2007

Title Development of a high-throughput bioreactor system for biomedical applications
Author Mazzei D., Vozzi G., Ahluwalia A, Cisternino A.
Journal Conference IEEE - ISIE 07
Year 2007
Title Design and realisation of drop-free trocar for ophthalmic applications
Author Guerrini P., Vozzi G., Ahluwalia A., Mazzei D., Palla M., Rizzo S.
Journal ISIE 07 Vigo Spain
Year 2007

Title A high-throughput bioreactor system for simulating physiological environments
Author Daniele Mazzei, Federico Vozzi, Antonio Cisternino, Giovanni Vozzi, Arti Ahluwalia
Journal IEEE ISIE Journal (Under Submission)
Year 2008
Title Generation of gradient patterns using microfluidic bioreactor for tissue engineering applications
Author Tirella A., Mazzei D., Vozzi G., Ahluwalia A.
Journal TERMIS 2008
Year 2008

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