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Announcements: Mandelbrot-Based Abstract Rendering Screen Saver


Mandelbrot-Based Abstract Rendering Screen Saver 


I have realized a little screen saver drawing  mandelbrot fractals.
I've used this equation (  x(i+1) = (x(i) ^ a )) + c   , where x and c are complex numbers and a is an integer number between 1 and 6 (included) .   the fractal is rendered on screen strip by strip and the choice of c is randomized too.
if the random number extracted is odd c become c(i+1) =  (-1 + 0i) + c(i) , c become  c(i+1) =  (-1 + 0i) - c(i) otherwise.
Doing so, the result is a symmetrical
or unsymmetrical series (the picture is symmetrical when the series is symmetrical too an so on).
Each picture is real-time calculated .The color palette is randomized too.
Try it!. It's available for downloading in "tools" section or following the link above.
I have managed complex numbers using  Exocortex.DSP library. Thanks a lot to all Exocortex group. 


Created at 8/24/2004 17:22  by Giorgio Ennas 
Last modified at 8/24/2004 17:26  by Giorgio Ennas