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Sun and Microsoft together 


This is big news, and no mistake (as treebeard used to say), Sun and Microsoft buried the hatchet and agreed to cooperate for the next ten years.
Of course MS put out its strength offering 1.95 billion boxes to settle old debates. You can read the details on CNET (!
I think this is a really good news for technology (though I expect people will complain as usual): they agreed to collaborate technically to help interop between Java and .NET. I hope this is just a sign that the rumors of a possible port of Java to Microsoft CLR will be true. It would be great being able to integrate Java (and Java programs) with C#, VB and all the other languages in a seamless way.
One of the reasons because I moved from Java development was the lack of interoperability that was forcing me writing and using only Java: I like programming different languages! This is why I liked COM/CORBA and now far more .NET.




Created at 4/2/2004 21:21  by Antonio Cisternino 
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