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Editor Sudoku 


Hi everybody,
it is sometime since my last post! I've been busy, and I believe that people shoud post only if there is something to say. Now I have to say that I've implemented, as DHTML exercise, a Sudoku editor. Sudoku is a nice puzzle from Japan that consists into filling a grid 9x9 with digits (from 1 to 9). Each row/column must contain different digits. If you cut the grid into 9 3x3 subgrids, all the digits in each subgrid must be different.
Want to try?
Instructions are only in Italian, but I will translate them shortly. Anyway red digits are part of the schema (passed with the s argument), when you select a cell and type a digit you add a digit to the puzzle. Empty cells contain a list of possible digits (because of the constraints of the game) enclosed in curly braces.




Created at 7/3/2005 23:59  by Antonio Cisternino 
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