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BDB# Distribution 


Few weeks ago I ran into a blog ( mentioning the BDB# ( library available on ( to use Berkeley Database ( from C#.
I wrote to Klaus, the author of the blog, wondering if it was important to have a distribution file to perceive a project reasonably complete. I'm getting so used to CVS that sometimes I forget that people may want easier interfaces to access software.
Of course Klaus pointed me that distribution may really help people, so I prepared a distro and published on the web site. I wrote to Klaus mentioning the binary drop, and he posted ( about it! Thanks Klaus for your enthusiastic post :)
I just want to add a little bit to Klaus' post: because compiling the library can be not straightforward I included a binary version in the distribution (both in debug and release confs).
Enjoy! :)




Created at 10/20/2004 0:24  by Antonio Cisternino 
Last modified at 10/20/2004 0:25  by Antonio Cisternino