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By the way: if you wonder what we did in the last months... We are working hard to build R2D2!
Ok, ok, ... The shape of the robot is just for fun, but we are interested in building a research platform to investigate software architectures for controlling robots. We have developed a framework, called Robotics4.NET, to support software controlling robots. We think that the framework can be used to help people reuse software modules developed for particular robots. The framework is based on having a software representation for a robot body: relying on .NET reflection (and other stuffs) we provide a communication infrastructure (as well a set of abstractions) to help communicate body organs with the mind!
The framework will be out there soon (check by Oct. 15)!
If you are curious about our R2 I suggest you you'll find pictures and movies of the making of R2 :)
Enjoy! (and may the force be with you!)




Created at 9/17/2004 0:06  by Antonio Cisternino 
Last modified at 9/17/2004 0:06  by Antonio Cisternino