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Hey guys! Sorry for being away for sometimes... But often time isn't enough to write meaningful things.
Ok guys! It is some time Mindstorms is out there ;)
I wonder why people tend to notice projects by judging on the hardness of the job rather than if it makes sense. I confess that I feel sad when I see posts about new VMs to program MindStorms and none about our work on VisualStorms (
If you check both posts you'll find a comment from me, just to mention our project. Nonetheless I'm not here to complain about it! That's life. I want just to mention a blog post ( that talks about VisualStorms (I coluldn't have explained any better!) and has a link to a movie ( showing a Lego Plotter programmed with VisualStorms.
I felt really happy reading it! Sometimes you feel like it doesn't make sense to spend time in publishing software; it seems that nobody really cares.
I think that our approach to programming Mindstorms was cool! A simple, though effective, idea. Translating MSIL to Mindstorms bytecode allows us to write programs for Mindstorms from virtually all .NET languages. I think that the software can be improved, but if people use it will make more sense for us to do it.




Created at 9/16/2004 23:43  by Antonio Cisternino 
Last modified at 9/16/2004 23:58  by Antonio Cisternino