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My Blog: Chris Pratley about patents and Open Source


Chris Pratley about patents and Open Source 


An interesting post from Chris Pratley about Open Source and patents ( I liked the part where he points out that people is making money out of software written by other people. At the end of seventies (when Stallman started his thinking) the problem was to protect customer from software makers, today open source defend user, but what about programmers? Open source licenses are centered around software use, and there is right of doing whatever user like with OS software. But how can a programmer defend his own work? Programmers are important as much as users! Without them no software! I think we should devise some mechanism to protect users and programmers. Otherwise programming geeks (those who are good only at writing software and not making money out of that) risk to see other people making money out of their work.
I still think that licenses like MS Shared Source (that I use in my software) can offer a good compromise: do whatever you want with sources and binaries as long you're not making money out of it. In that case we can talk about it. It is the same strategy MySQL uses: GPL almost forbid to include MySQL into commercial software, but if you pay you may have the same source code under a different license that better suits your needs.




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