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My Blog: The future of Remoting in .NET and Indigo


The future of Remoting in .NET and Indigo 


Indigo is of the key technologies that will be part of Longhorn. It is an important technology because it will allow (or at at least it aims to..) Windows becoming a distributed OS: through .NET objects resources will be exposed in a location independent way.
Remoting, the distributed object model included in .NET 1.x, although great, can't scale so much. Moreover it depends on binary protocols, whereas it seems better relying on standards like SOAP, and related. Don Box comments on the transition from Remoting to Indigo ( As usual he is coincise, clear (and moreover he has probably the more complete vision about WS being one of the authors of SOAP and related standards).




Created at 4/30/2004 21:27  by Antonio Cisternino 
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